Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Professional Development for Teachers

I don't usually advertise myself, but it seems that if one wants to continue to offer exciting, creative presentations for other teachers, one needs to toot one's own horn! 

My Horn

I have two dynamite workshops that have had rave reviews (really!). One is:

Engaging Curriculum: The Indoor and Outdoor Classroom 

The other is:

Music Every Day

Here are some of the nice things teachers said about the first workshop:

"I loved this class. I left with lots of notes. This class left me full of ideas."
"I really loved all of the info on outdoor learning and anything that Gail Multop does!" 

I swear I did not make this up.

Here are some nice things teachers said about the second workshop:

"It was fabulous! She gave me so many ideas to incorporate music into the class." 
"Love Ms. Gail and her workshop!! Highly passionate about what she does!"

I didn't make this up, either.

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